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5 Features of a 5th Wheel Bunkhouse

Summertime is an excellent time of year to take a vacation or go on an adventure. Schools out, the weather is nice, and you can get out on the open road. According to a recent survey by AAA, road trips are the most popular type of vacations for families planning to travel in the next year. Spending time as a family is the most important part of taking a vacation and offers busy families the opportunity to share experiences and connect with each other.

Truck pulling 5th Wheel RV in Western US Continue reading

Best Small RV Floorplans from Keystone

Bullet Crossfire RV from KeystoneBigger isn’t always better – that’s especially true when it comes to RVing. Sure, big RVs offer lots of amenities (including residential-sized appliances) and a lots of elbow room, but small RVs offer more than just charm. They’re lighter and easier to tow than their king-sized counterparts – not to mention easier to maneuver into the campsite. Plus, their diminutive size allows them to be taken on the roads less traveled; you won’t be limited to large RV lots with a small RV, so you can enjoy and explore the wildernessto your heart’s content – if that’s your camping style. Continue reading

How to Find the Perfect Luxury Travel Trailer

Side view of a luxury travel trailer in the sunsetSome RVers like to leave it all behind when they take to the highway. But others like to take it with them, especially if their adventures are on the extended side. These RVers love luxury travel trailers, and if you find yourself thinking about joining their ranks, you may also be thinking about luxury travel trailers – specifically, how do you find the perfect one for you? We’ve got some tips to get you started. Continue reading


Whoever said, “You can’t take it with you” didn’t own a 2017 Cherokee Arctic Wolf lightweight fifth wheel trailer. This new coach from Forest River is a game changer in the fifth wheel industry because despite its luxury looks, it’s both highly affordable and transportable!

2017 Cherokee Arctic Wolf Fifth wheel

The 2017 Arctic Wolf is the first laminated Cherokee fifth-wheel, but its beauty (and it is a beauty) is more than skin deep. Continue reading

Luxury Toy Haulers at Wholesale Prices

There are toy haulers. And then there are luxury toy haulers.

Vengeance Touring Edition luxury toy hauler

Toy haulers used to be the camper domain of the off-road enthusiasts, those rough-and-ready ORVers and dirt bikers who hit the trails almost as soon as they parked their camper and opened the ramp. Not so anymore, a new breed of toy haulers – luxury toy haulers – has entered the market, and they prove that you can take it with you. All of it. Even the garage. Continue reading

Think Small, But Find Big Adventure in Our Best Small RV Campers

More isn’t always better – even when it comes to RV space.

Smiling family in the doorway of a small RV.There is a growing trend that embraces the simplicity of small-scale living. It makes you focus on what’s most important to you, weeding out what don’t need, love, or use very often. If you apply that small-scale way of life to your camper and your camping gear, you may find that your camping style is better suited to a small RV. Continue reading

What’s The Best Way to Finance a Small RV?

Good things do come in small packages – even when it comes to RVs. What small RVs lack in size, they more than make up for in freedom. Unlike their larger counterparts, these fun-sized campers aren’t limited to wide-open, asphalted RV parks. They can go almost anywhere the road takes you – the wilderness, across the country, or your favorite local campground.

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How Much Does a Used RV Cost in 2016?

You found the one. You like everything about her. Sure, she’s been around the block a few times, but that doesn’t matter. You’re even happy about the fact that she’ll bring a lot of baggage along for the ride. She is the used RV that caught your eye and captured your imagination – the one that’s going to take you on adventures and help create lifelong memories.

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New or Used (If You Can Find One) Coachmen Freelander / Leprechaun

When it comes to buying a RV for your camping adventures or family vacations, you’re probably thinking about budget and how a motorhome purchase may allow you to maximize your vacation dollars while still having plenty of fun. You might be questioning, “should I buy new or used?” Both options are a great way to make sure having fun is exactly what you’re doing.

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