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8 Reasons Why RVs are Perfect for Retiree Vacations

8 Reasons Why RVs are Perfect for Retiree Vacations

Retirement can provide a whole new lease on life, giving retirees the option to explore new avenues. For many, the spontaneity provided by a motorhome is the answer to these new avenues. The 1 million retirees who call on their recreational vehicles for travel and vacations clearly agree. Continue reading

Protecting RVs from Hurricane Damage

Protecting Travel Trailers and RVs from Hurricane Damage

Ending in November, hurricane season is hardly over. In fact, we are just in the thick of it. Unfortunately for RV lovers on the coast, protecting homes and your families is not the only concern. After investing in a travel trailer, leaving it vulnerable for potential damage in a weather emergency is hardly a good decision. In fact, RVs can be even be helpful in such a catastrophe. Continue reading