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3 Tips to Finance Your Luxury RV

Exterior of a luxury RV travel trailerLuxury, destination trailers are larger, more spacious and even more comfortable! They are designed to be towed to a location and left for long periods of time – almost like a summer home or cottage on wheels! Some of the unique features include, higher ceilings, heavier furnishings, and more standard-size appliances. They are typically longer in length (about 40 feet) and greater in weight,and are sometimes known as “park models,” as their owners often park them in a campground and visit them throughout the season.

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How to Find the Best Small RV for Your Lifestyle

Couple grilling outside their small RV travel trailerWhen you’re considering an RV purchase, it’s good to first think about how you will be using the camper. Does your current lifestyle include a 9-to-5 job and a house? If so, maybe you’ll be using your RV for short, weekend trips. Or maybe you are retired and looking to visit every state park from the east to the west coast. Then, you could be more of a full-time RVer. While you can create any lifestyle you want with your new RV, here are a few common scenarios to help you think about all the possibilities.

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How to Buy an RV with Bad Credit

Pair of eyeglasses lying on a blank formIs your credit history less than perfect? Don’t feel bad – you’re in the majority. Recent statistics revealed that 56% of Americans have subprime, or bad, credit.If you’re one of them, it doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dream of owning an RV. You can still buy an RV with bad credit if you plan ahead, do your homework, and rethink your spending habits.

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Top 10 Must-Have Features for Your Bunkhouse Trailer

Interior photo of a bunkhoue RVBunkhouse trailers – they’re all about maximizing your camping comfort zone. As their name implies, bunkhouse trailers feature bunk-bed style sleeping; the bunks can be used to store gear by day and tired campers at night. This makes them the go-to choice for many camping families – after all, the more campers the merrier.

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3 Questions Lightweight RV Buyers Must Ask

Illustration of SUV pulling a travel trailer RVThinking lightweight? Great! Lightweight RVs – those weighing less than 8,000 lbs. – have earned incredible popularity in the camping world. Constructed of lighter weight materials than traditional RVs, most lightweight RVs don’t require a heavy-duty towing vehicle to get to their destination. In addition, they’re more fuel efficient than their heavier, traditional RV counterparts. Continue reading

5 Facts You Must Know Before Buying a Small RV

Small RV travel trailer with bicycle on rackThinking of buying an RV this summer? There is a wide variety available to choose from, but not every style fits everyone’s needs. For campers looking for the freedom and comfort of an RV but don’t want to haul around a large model, small RVs are the perfect fit. However, there are a few things you should know before investing in a small RV.

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