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How Much Does a New RV Cost?

“So, what does a new RV cost these days?”

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Ask any seasoned RVer that question and you should prepare yourself for a long, but probably enthusiastic, answer. RVing in the good ol’ days was the primarily the domain of heavy aluminum travel trailers or tiny camper caps loaded onto the bed of a pick-up truck. (For a real blast from the RV past, check out the RV/MH Hall of Fame website or visit it in person.) Continue reading

Must-Have Amenities for Luxury RVs

The romance of the road has drastically changed for campers over the decades. Once limited to tents, sleeping bags, and food cooked over a campfire, today’s campers can tap into a lot more luxury. Nowhere is that more true than in the world of luxury RVs, where high tech gadgets and power everything are almost the norm.A luxury RV with high-end amenities Continue reading

Lightweight Forest River RVs: A Comparison Guide

Cherokee Arctic Wolf Fifth WheelSometimes being called a lightweight is a good thing, especially if you’re an RV. Lightweight RVs – those weighing less than 8,000 lbs. – have earned incredible popularity in the camping world. Constructed of lighter-weight materials than traditional RVs, most lightweight RVs don’t require a heavy-duty towing vehicle to get to their destination. In addition, they allow you to use a more fuel efficient tow vehicle than their heavier, traditional RV counterparts. Continue reading