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Best Small RV Floorplans from Keystone

Bullet Crossfire RV from KeystoneBigger isn’t always better – that’s especially true when it comes to RVing. Sure, big RVs offer lots of amenities (including residential-sized appliances) and a lots of elbow room, but small RVs offer more than just charm. They’re lighter and easier to tow than their king-sized counterparts – not to mention easier to maneuver into the campsite. Plus, their diminutive size allows them to be taken on the roads less traveled; you won’t be limited to large RV lots with a small RV, so you can enjoy and explore the wildernessto your heart’s content – if that’s your camping style. Continue reading

How Much Does a Small RV Cost?

Illustration of small RV travel trailerNo doubt about it. RV camping is a big adventure. But you don’t need a big RV to have big-RV fun. A small RV can maximize your camping enjoyment while minimizing your costs. There are many kinds of small RVs on the market, and one is sure to fit your camping needs. Want to learn more facts about small RVs? Check out 10 Fast Facts for Small RVs.

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Which Lightweight RV is Best for your Lifestyle?

Travel Trailer RV Being pulled down the road. Spring is calling, and so are the great outdoors. New and seasoned campers alike are thinking about to where the road may take them this year. Although fuel prices may be low, the amount of money you spend on gas can still take a big chunk out of your vacation budget, especially if you’re travelling in an RV.
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